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Crossdress Challenge

In Animal Crossing New Leaf, I often crossdress. I look like a sexy dude. ;D

So I was really inspired by my peculiar hobbies, so I decided to make this crossdress challenge.

Objective: Try to look like the opposite gender of your fantagian account.

This is actually VERY difficult to do, but I think I did a good job!

cross dress

The hardest part was deciding what hair to wear, they’re all pretty girly…

Anyone is free to do this challenge- be sure to comment results! I am ready to see some handsome girls or beautiful guys. ;D


P.S. Be sure to enter our contest on BRD! Win a $50 karma koin! Or have me win it. It’s up to you. ;D


St Patrick Day Outfits – GOLD FREE!

Yeah, I know I stated that I won’t be doing fashion posts anymore because everyone else does them, but I honestly don’t know what else to post (EVERYONE DOES EVENT POSTS TOO), so I decided to do Saint Patrick Day outfits… Without the use of gold at all, aka with all shop items. I only made two because this is actually pretty difficult:

part 1

part 2

To be honest, I really like the first one. You could literally make any outfit Saint Patrick Day themed, just wear that lucky clover board LOL (or wear that face paint)

This is my outfit for this event:

part 3

I really like it. :>

Actually, I’d like to see people trying to make a Saint Patrick Day outfit with only shop items. If you try this, comment down below. TRY TO MAKE A REALLY GOOD ONE. I DARE YOU.



Back to the Basics: Panda Pullover

Hey, remember when we used to do fashion posts? Well, as you can probably tell, the admins haven’t really had the time or energy to make those lately (but we DO have an AMAZING guide on how to make your own fashion posts!). Another thing you can probably also tell at this point is that we’re not huge fans of being generic. So, without further ado, I’d like to present our new fashion post category: Back to the Basics! Are you tired of looking the exact same as everyone else at MyMall? Do you wish you had more options for enjoying your hard-earned popular items besides 1. genericness or 2. reselling them? Well, then, this category is for YOU! Now you can be completely original by copying using our own outfit ideas as inspiration! Who knows, maybe these kinds of posts will even become a trend, meaning that looking original will become generic. 😮 Okay, I probably shouldn’t make everyone’s heads explode, so…

Today’s Item: Panda Pullover


We all know and love (or hate) it. This item was released during Summer Camp 2015 and, despite its mediocre shading, it managed to become worth tens of thousands of Gold in a matter of months. (Funny how that happens… Probably because I didn’t buy it right away, but oh well.) Now, people who want it are forced to scream about it at MyMall, and people who have it are encouraged to sell it for “Min So Gimme”.

(Also, for all the nonmembers in the audience, panda pullover is guaranteed to be coined. It was only buyable with Gold during the event it was in, so don’t worry about not being able to wear it.)

Onto how to wear the hoodie. People seem to love wearing panda pullover with short shorts (despite the fact you can’t even SEE them), Cleopatra’s Sandals, and [insert some random generic accessories here]. Sure, that looks…okayish, but we can do better! Panda pullover is actually very casual, so it probably looks best with jeans or leggings. It looks like more of a winter top, too, so scarves work very nicely with it while also managing to cover up some of the crappier shading. 😀

Well, enough of my yammering, because I’m sure you guys want outfits in this outfit post:

I wear chalk too muchit physically hurt me to take chalk off for thisthis hair will always make me think of Coraline

Yes, I know I’m wearing chalk and other popular stuff in these outfits, but the point is to combine popular items with less-wanted ones, not necessarily to wear one popular item with a bunch of shop items or whatever. Really, it’s making the popular items look original that counts, at least in my book. 😉 (Plus you can substitute hair and other things you like with these outfits, but I don’t really care for most of my hair/boards/etc. so that’s why I’m wearing chalk.)

So what did you think? Has my post inspired you to put together some new outfits using popular items? Do you want to see me do this with any specific items in the future? (If you do, just suggest them!) Do you think I love chalk too much? Well, no matter what your answers are to these questions, feel free to leave them in a comment below!


P.S. Also, those other outfits I made with panda pullover are all fine and nice, but we all know the REAL best way to wear it:

How to Make a Fashion Post!

Step 1: Get an item that not many people wear.

unpopular item

Step 2: Wear a bunch of popular items along with it.

YES yes2 yes3

(I don’t have many popular items, but you can see the point.)


Enjoy making your 100% original content!

The next tutorial will be me explaining how to make OOTD’S! (Unnecessary apostrophe intentional!)



Daily Fashion 01/10/16

First daily fashion of the year, oh yeah!

Today’s Topic: Semi Formal

I don’t know if other places in the world has it, but semi formal is basically prom but after the first semester exams. You’d think in the title you don’t have to be formal, but that’s just the title. Truth is, all girls will be applying 3482318948215349173819 layers of makeup, and wearing either the most revealing dresses or fancy dresses. So yeah, be formal, and make sure the food you eat doesn’t go on your clothes!

semi formal my ass

There’s not much to say about this topic, except that semi formal is overpriced and I will not be attending it. I plan on going with one of my best friends to a restaurant after exams, because it’s much cheaper and we won’t have to wear stupid dresses to impress people. :>

If you have it and you are attending, have fun!


How To Work Panda Hoodie A Lesson By Marina


Maybe we shouldn’t have traded ROFL.

Fashionable, Without Popular Items Challenge

Title explains itself. Essentially you’re supposed to dress up your Fantagian looking as fashionable as possible, WITHOUT using those popular items. The point of this challenge is to acknowledge that you don’t have to have popular items to look good. (In my personal opinion, more than 50% popular items don’t even look good…) It also promotes originality, and making your own fashion trends. 😉 (This paragraph kinda makes it sound like a school assignment, now that I think about it…)


  • As the title suggests, no popular items. If you’re unsure if a certain item is popular, feel free to show me it and I’d judge it on my own accord! 😛
  • Limiteds, rares, and retired shop items are allowed (however, make sure they’re not popular!)
  • If you’re a member, you may use PM Boutique rented items. (Most of them are shop items, haha.)
  • (Optional) List where you got each thing! 🙂

Here are my attempts:

2 1 3 4 sexy beast

What outfit do you like the best? Personally, I love the last one. 😉

I tag the following to do this challenge:

  • Other Fantage Marianna staff
  • Sally
  • Mangos
  • CutieCake
  • Colourful Shadows
  • Annabeth
  • mmchan
  • Rainbowstar
  • Anyone else who would like to participate!

Now excuse me as I do my math homework, and work on French stuff… Possibly religion… With a side of Fitness. R.I.P ME


What Can I Wear With THIS: Blue Headband Hair Edition

Hey! Ohmykaito here, with the other admins starting school I guess I have to pick up the slack until I go back to school on the 25th and you probably won’t hear from me until summer. See, I got to keep my job permanently and I am doing overload units once more. Anyway, let’s begin.

Today’s item is something you probably never would have thought of wearing, it’s blue, it’s short, it’s kind of ugly, but give it more credit!


This first outfit is sort of a matching/punk look. I failed slightly on the punk side but I think you get the point. To achieve such a look it is best to pair this hair with mostly black colored items.


Items in Photo:

Black Shurring Shirt

Yumi_marz’s Multi-blue Skirt

Cleopatra Sandals

Apriss’ Scarf

Baby Blue Hat With Veil

Sparkling Earrings

The next outfit is sort of a mix between once again a gothlic look and a lolita look. And if you don’t know what that is click here. To obtain this sort of look you have to match the hair with more styles of that of the Victorian Era.


Items in Photo:

Teal Victorian Dress

Short Black Boots

Floral Wreath

Pink Heart Earrings

And the last outfit is more of a normal girl style. To get this look just think of something you’d most likely wear to school or for a day out with your friends.


Items in Photo:

Green Top

Ameee25673’s Black Jeans

Ameee25673’s Flats

Flower Bracelet

Peach Glasses

Pink Cat Ears

As usual don’t forget to tell me which one was your favorite. Also, wish me luck, in a couple of days I am going to be trying to buy a ticket that includes a photo with my favorite band. I need to get it before it sells out.

Ways to Wear It – Fox Scarf

Hey, guys! Before we begin, I’d just like to point out that Anna and I are both back in school now, so we probably won’t be posting as much. (Not that we were posting a ton before, which for me personally was due to laziness/the arrival of our, but I digress…) Anyway, in order to prove that the only real way for me to get stuff done is by procrastinating on other stuff, I’m putting off working on some graphics and bringing you our first fashion post of 2016! (Though no, it’s not Daily Fashion…) 😛

Today’s Item: Fox Scarf


This scarf is pretty cute, but it has the unfortunate problem of coming in a size and color that…kind of limit what you can wear with it. The scarf was a limited item from an event back in fall 2013, but you can still find it at MyMall for a (hopefully) reasonable price! Members are obviously going to have more luck with this since coined versions seem to be few and far-between. :/

Since this scarf is so…noticeable, and clothes you wear with it will be so…hidden, it’s generally best to wear plainer tops and bottoms in neutral colors (like black, white, cream, and brown, to name a few). It’s obviously a winter scarf, too, so dress warmly!

yes I know you want to have your set KATIErare pose wowyes I can finish the sets now

And have a fourth outfit, because I managed to do the unthinkable.

I made a LuckyBot item work so well that I’d…actually…seriously…consider wearing it. 😮

I'm just as shocked as you are…

I’m just as shocked as you are…

Yes, I know Casey made a post featuring the green version of this sweater, and that LuckyBot items can look cute if worn properly…but still! I actually used one in an outfit I really like! That’s huge! And it requires a lot of exclamation points for some reason!

So, uh, which outfit is your favorite? 😀


What Can I Wear With THIS: Super Neon Outfit Edition

Hey guys! I got this week off work (woohoo!) so I have some time to post once again and I most likely will until Jaunary 25th. So I shall bring back some of my fashion posts and try to post more than I usually do.

Today I bring you quite possibly the ugliest thing I have ever seen aside from the spiked jackets:


Never fear! You can still wear it!

For this first outfit I tried to incorporate this idea of pink matching with blonde hair. To obtain this sort of look its best to match the cutest blonde hair you own with this outfit. (But then again my outfit in this looks a little noobish)


Items in Photo:

Supermodel Hair

Short Black Boots

Red and Gold Bracelet

Floral Wreath

Silver Hoops

This next outfit seems more sporty and fun! To obtain a look like this, simply pair a hair with this outfit that is tied up or looking sporty, basketball hair might help you in this case.


Items in Photo:

Beautiful Hairstyle

Jenny_light’s White Sneakers

Apriss’ Scarf

Pink Heart Earrings

The next look was more of an experiment than based on any idea. I deiced to break the harsh aftermath of the neon colors by breaking it with a black hair. To do this sort of look it is best to match this with some black items.


Items in Photo:

Lovely Winter Hat

Jenny_light’s White Sneakers

Black Leather Jacket

Hip Glasses

So what do you guys think? What are your favorite outfits? And what would you like to see next?